Hi, my name is Guðjóna Björk Þorbjarnardóttir and I am a graphic designer from Iceland. 


I have recently been an art director and a graphic designer for the whale watching company Elding, helping them to refocus the look and feel of their brand. Before that I held a position at the advertising agency Kontor Reykjavík. During my time at the agency I have had the opportunity to work for a variety of companies and clients. Among others I have enjoyed designing for AlvogenHótel HoltTokyoLandspítalinnSögur útgáfaStrætó BSFarmers & Friends (Farmers Market)Ísfugl and Irma. The projects have been diverse, I have designed and prepared works for print advertising, web advertising, social media games, bus stop advertising, company in-house materials, websites, branding materials, signages, flags, exhibition booth, interior and exterior design for restaurant branding, brochures and product packagings.


My main objective is to balance play and healthy perfectionism. I think those two elements bring the best results — allowing for free flowing ideas, enjoying the process and being satisfied with the end result.