Bíó Paradís is the only, one of a kind, art house cinema in Iceland. Bíó Paradís translates as "The Paradise Cinema". It has showed a wide variety of old and new, quality films. The new logo is inspired by the form that appears when old type of projectors shined light, or films, unto the film screen.

The rebrand also entails a change in the cinema's direction by turning it into a festival-based cinema. There will be six festivals a year, each festival lasting about two months and having a theme for the chosen films being shown. The theme for the first festival is Sci-Fi films from the period of l950-1960.

Furthermore - the cinema will focus on the details in the films that are being shown in each festival. These elements will then be used in all promotional materials for each festival and are therefore changeable. The drawings are always black and white and simple to focus on the elements in each theme being used.

Festival Kit

Bíó Paradís offers a festival kit.
Its contents are:

1x Festival Pass for the festival the kit
is for each time.

1x Invitation so people could invite
one person with them to see one film.

1x Catalog of the films being shown
at the festival each time.

2x Calendars which contain dates
for each film, one month at a time.

Christmas Greetings

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